Forum Autodesk 2016, Warsaw and what came afterwards

October turns out to be a busy month for me. I’ve just gave my speach at the Autodesk Event in Warsaw few days ago and now I’m in Boston, Massachusetts, waiting for another exciting event by Autodesk. Honestly, I can’t complain, the feedback from Warsaw event was very positive and now even the Boston rain won’t change my mood!

I’ll post some updates about the Bostons testing sessions soon, but I might be restricted by confidentiality agreement with Autodesk… we’ll see. Stay tuned!

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Join me @ Forum Autodesk 2016 (Warsaw)

Just a quick update – I’ll be giving a presentation on Forum Autodesk 2016 in Warsaw. I’ll be sharing a stage with two colleagues and each of us will show a different approach to a different, real life coordination problem. My lecture is about everyday use of Dynamo in multidisciplinary projects – more specifically – framing coordination with structural team.

You can learn more about this event HERE

Let’s hope for the best

1471695985803Hello, World!

…and I’m stuck already. I guess it’s hard to write when you’re still not sure about the outcome of this endeavour. Anyway, I’m starting a blog about my daily worklife, in a clumsy attempt to catch “on paper” anything that could be mildly interesting for someone besides me. Wish me luck!