What really grinds my gears, Revit edition

I’ve been working in Revit for few years now, and I can’t imagine going back to the “old way” – daily struggles with AutoCad. Having said that, this cooperation doesn’t always go as smooth as planned. There are major problems, there are minor obstacles and there are some odd design decisions I can’t really wrap my head around.

With this lighthearted post I want to share three examples of small annoyances, in no particular order

1. 3D section box
…and more specificly – those small arrows that controls it. Why are they so small? If I got a dollar for every missed click, I’d be a rich man with shares in Autodesk!


2. Orient to View list
You can’t scroll it with your mouse wheel. there’s no scroll bar. You have to click that little arrow and wait for the right view to finally pop on your screen. That might not be a big deal for smaller buildings, but having to work on 60+ high rise, it was a daily annoyance.

3. Aligining sections
Well, you can’t do it. I mean, you can’t use the align tool to do it, there are workarounds, but the intuitive thing to do – no, Revit won’t let you. Is there something I’m missing here?


Now that I vented a bit, something positive – if you’re in Boston area, you can sign up for the tour of Autodesk Build Space. Having seen it myself – strongly recommended, especially if you’re interested in production, 3d printing and CNC.