Import & export Excel spreadsheets with Dynamo

It’s November now and I’m back from vacation. I’m hoping to write a bit more as soon as I deal with accumulated work… but in the meantime: more dynamo scripts!
This one was a collaboration between me and a fellow structural engineer working on structural framing for a one particular high-rise in London. The idea goes like this – in order to automatize steel framing updates (and save countless hours), we need to establish a link between structural software and Revit model. Third-party software solutions were out of question, and long story short – we used Dynamo .xls export/import function to fill in the gap.

Export script:
Import script:

As you can see, there’s no mind blowing programming work involved, but it was customized to fit this particular task, it works and there are some neat node tricks here and there. As for the future development – I need to figure out a smart way to map beams with those from structural software, now it’s being done by finding a matching “RAM number” (project parameter used just for this task).
Hope you find this useful!